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Hello non swedish speaking fellow! 😀

Since I got featured on as a success story (that I sent in, to share with you about my journey), I feel that I have to somewhat translate the featured story that is referenced in the article for you.

My feature on 😀


The blogpost I’m talking about is this which I am quite joyful that they shared on the success story. I just included it to Amanda if she wanted to add some details from my swedish blogpost in the success story.

Big story thin(ner), I have suffered from overweight since the last 13 years atleast, I have been thinking back in my teenage life what caused the overweight. And I came to the conclusion that since I was a computer geek without any excercising habits, sports or daily walks at all. I was sitting alot in my days, not moving my body. This is not the full cause though. I combined my time infront of the computer with bad food, alot of coke almost daily, and snacks or candy. But it wasnt my parents who supplied me this, it was me. I had a small pocket money income every month, and for that I bought the cheapest candy/snacks as possible, and coke. The cheapier the more i could buy and eat . You see the result of that in the pictures I supplied in the post.

The problem in my teens was that i didnt have any support, only excuses. Was what i heard from others; “You are still growing, it will go away”, “You’re just thick boned..”, “You don’t look that heavy”.
And since i heard those lines repetively, it became the truth for me. When I hit 22 or something, i understood that this “magical teen growth” wouldnt happen. And I remember that there was these self-tests that you could buy from the pharmacy in Sweden called “Rudiment for overweight” (sorry for the translation), and i thought “I don’t need to take that test, I clearly have the overweight-gene… embrace it”.

In the year 2016 a friend got diagnosed with cancer, and another friend had earlier gotten diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. My friend with cancer was my best friend and neighbour, we lived our lives very closely. And my diabetes-friend “cured” it with keto and also lost weight and started excercising alot, all in 1 year.

2017 began with my friend dying of cancer, which made me think that life is very fragile. And should be properly taken care of.
Also my diabetes-friend got a report from his doctor, showing that his tests were normal as a healthy person.
These 2 occurrences made me decide to try keto, for one full year.

And what a year it has been.

On my 28th birthday i decided to go keto. Remove all sugar, pasta, dough, potato, rice, and other carbs from my diet. Increase the fat, go full fat and eat meat. Meat fat and sauce, basically. No milk, just water.

During the first 3 months(0-3) i lost 17 kg, mostly through change of food. The last month i added some walks on my lunchbreaks at work.
Also during this period i bought a FitBit Aria-scale to be sure my weight were correct. I have weigh-in every wednesday morning.

During the next 3 months (4-6) i gained energy to suddenly excercise… Started jogging. And i was surprised over how far i came, and how i felt, i felt amazing.
I also added intermittent fasting as a challenge; “how far could i go without food”, and was yet again surprised… i settled with a daily 23:1 fasting, breaking it with dinner around 5pm.
Here in this period i lost 15.7 kg.

Months 7-9 was my first “cheating month”, some birthday parties made me try a simple cake for the party. I had the mindset “when you party you party, then you fast”, Jason Fung learnt me that :). So i figured that i could cheat, if i fasted afterwards, but it still wasnt fun to cheat and the cake didnt taste as good as i remembered.
Weightloss here ; 6.7 kg

Last period, months 10-12 has been my “weight stable”-months. I havent lost so much weight, i have lost and gained. But i have started gym excercise and building muscles. So hopefully i am replacing some fat with some muscles now. And also during this period i am working on my mindset about my body. My brain isnt up to par with this body, it still thinks its the old 130kg body. But it isnt.

So these has been my 12 months of keto. And i seriously wonder if there is any rudiment for overweight or if its just a scam ;).

I hope this inspires some, feel free to ask in the comments and I will gladly reply as good as possible.

Keep fighting 🙂 If i can, you can!

// Stefan

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